What Is An Advanced Format Hard Drive?

Advanced Format Recovery

Since 1956, the information on hard drives has been stored in sectors on magnetic disks that hold approximately 512 bytes per sector. An Advanced Format hard drive describes any hard drive with data sectors larger than 520 bytes per sector. The first generation AF drives introduced by Seagate, Western Digital and others use a 4,096-byte structure, giving them the designation of 4K hard drives.

 Does an AF Hard Drive Require Specialized Hard Drive Data Recovery Services?

 AF hard drives are touted as being longer-lasting and more reliable than standard HDDs. A more efficient Error Correction Code improves data integrity, theoretically reducing the chances you will need hard drive data recovery for your AF hard drive.

 However, AF hard drives are still susceptible to the same dangers as other 512-byte hard drives, including physical damage from shock, water, and power surges.

 AF hard drives are new technology and require specialized hard drive recovery knowledge. At 24HourData, our technicians are on the cutting edge of hard drive data recovery technology -- and that means AF hard drives, too. We have developed new, efficient and reliable methods for hard drive data recovery on Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate and all other models of AF hard drives introduced in recent years.

 Don't trust your complex AF hard drive data recovery to just anyone. Call a company with a proven track record in constantly evolving hard drive data recovery technology.



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