What If My Photo Recovery Software Didn't Work?

Photo Recovery

If you lose your photos that have been stored in your camera's memory, on a memory card, on a flash drive, or even on your PC or Macintosh computer, you can use free photo recovery software to try to access your files. Depending on the type of media, how many photos were lost, and exactly what happened to the files, you may even pay for what you believe to be better quality photo recovery software.

In some cases, especially if files have just been accidentally deleted and no new data has been written on the disk, these inexpensive or free programs can get your photos back for you. But what if your photo recovery software doesn't work?

Some photo recovery software will not work if:

- The software you have is not compatible with your camera or storage media

- Your files are completely corrupt

- Your files or storage media cannot be recognized by Windows

- There is physical damage to the photo storage device

In most cases, if you try -- and fail -- to recover your photos using photo recovery software, all you've lost is time and the money you spent on the software. But if your storage media, including a flash drive, memory card or your computer's hard drive, has suffered physical damage, running any photo recovery software could render your files completely unrecoverable, even by photo recovery experts.

If you're not sure what has happened to your photo storage device, or if your computer hard drive is making clicking, whirring noises, it's best not to try to recover your photos yourself. Call us. We can help. 

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