What's So Complicated About Raid Server Data Recovery?

RAID Server Recovery

A raid server is a complicated series of disks in an array, where data is duplicated across the disks for protection against loss due to hard disk failure, file corruption or physical damage.

While a raid server keeps your data safer than a standard computer hard drive, it's not invulnerable to physical damage, file corruption, accidental deletion or computer viruses. In the case of a raid 1 server, your server can continue functioning as long as one disk is still working properly. Other forms of raid data servers can keep operating with one or two failed disks, as long as the rest are still working.

Raid Server Data Recovery Issues

Raid server data recovery problems may occur when:

- a member of a company's IT department attempts to swap out disks in a raid data server

- a member of your IT staff attempts to reinitialize the RAID server array

- the user attempts to continue to read data off a corrupt disk in a raid array, causing further, permanent damage

- the user attempts do-it-yourself raid server data recovery

- the user attempts to run CHDSK on a damaged raid data server

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