Who Is Qualified for SSD Recovery?

SSD Recovery

SSDs, while increasingly common, are even harder to recover than conventional RAID servers and raid drives. While they are more durable and less prone to many of the failures that plague regular hard drives, the time may come when you need SSD repair or SSD data recovery.

The free software designed for at-home data recovery will not work on most SSD harddrives, and due to the structure of SSD memory, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to perform SSD repair on your own. So who should you call?

Many companies claim to provide expert SSD repair and SSD data recovery. Unfortunately, any company can make these claims. But because SSD memory is relatively new to the consumer market, there are really only a handful of companies with extensive experience and training in SSD data recovery. The experts at StorageSearch.com advise people to look for a company that's been successfully performing SSD data recovery and SSD repair for at least five years. This means a company with SSD data recovery experience dating back to the time when military and the government were the primary users of SSD hard drives.

Also look for an SSD data recovery service that:

- has a proven track record and a high success rate for SSD data recovery

- is willing to provide at least a few references (given the confidential nature of the data recovery industry, don't be surprised if you only see testimonials from a handful of SSD repair customers)

- has specific experience in SSD data recovery and SSD repair. This form of data recovery is quite different from other data recovery services. Don't trust your SSD data recovery to just anyone. 

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