Posted on: 1/30/2014
Backup Recovery   By now, most computer users know that it’s important to back up your data frequently. But knowing what you should do and executing the action plan to get it done are, unfortunately, two different things. Where should you start when it comes to backing up your data? Fortunately, as with most things related to technology today, you have options. 
Posted on: 1/08/2014
Backup Recovery   Frequent, effective backups are an important part of a business continuity plan and necessary to avoid a data recovery emergency in your business. But should you opt for tape back-ups, hardback-ups, or even newer technology? 
Posted on: 12/17/2013
Encrypted Recovery     We recently talked about the benefits of Full Disk Encryption in an organization that is concerned about data security (and who isn’t concerned about data security today?) But there are limits to the level of security FDE can provide. Most of these limits are not inherent in the software, however, but in the level of care users in the organization take to protect the data. 


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