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24 Hour Data and Data Recovery

24 Hour Data is a full service data recovery lab in Plano, Texas equipped to handle any and all data loss due to accidents, virus, excessive heat, exposure to water, mechanical failure, file corruption, partition loss, and many other problems. We are available 24 hours a day to help with your data recovery needs.

Data recovery is the process used to recover data from storage media. 24 Hour Data has been able to recover data from all types of devices: hard drives, RAID configurations, flash drives, USB devices, iPods, phones, PDA’s, and external storage devices.

About your Hard Drive/ Media Failure

Consistently backing up your data is the only way to prevent data loss. Accidents, mechanical malfunctions, and viruses cannot be completely prevented.

24 Hour Data suggests businesses to backup their data every 24 hours and personal home computers every week. Studies have shown that more than 50% of businesses who lose their data for more than 10 days file bankruptcy within one year.

Data loss is caused by a variety of different occurrences including accidents, virus, excessive heat, exposure to water, mechanical failure, file corruption, deletion, partition loss, and many others.

If your hard drive begins to make an unusual noise you should turn it off immediately. The clicking noise is caused by the failure of the head to read data from the disk. This could actually be caused by several different failures on the drive, and continuing to use the drive or attempting to recover the data by using software recovery tools like “chkdsk” could do more damage and cause a permanent loss of data.

On computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system seeing a blue screen (as known as the “blue screen of death”) indicates a critical system error which has caused the system to shut down to prevent damage. It can be caused by a memory failure, bad power supply, overheating, and hardware failure. The computer system should be shut off immediately and a computer repair specialist should be contacted.

A failed hard drive should be shut off immediately and a computer specialist should be contacted. Attempting to recover data through the use of a disk utility program after a hard drive has failed could cause a complete loss of data. Disk utility programs are meant to be used on functioning hard drives as a preventative measure against failure.

Yes. There are circumstances when physical damage to the hard drive is so severe that no data can be salvaged. The data is stored on metal coated ceramic or aluminum disks within the hard drive. If this metal coating comes off then the data is lost forever. Cycling a failed drive on and off after a failure has occurred can cause the disks to be scratched and the data to be lost forever.

Recovery Process

24 Hour Data’s qualified technicians have salvaged data from all media types including: Hard disk drives, RAID Arrays, External Hard Drives, Databases, Servers, NAS Appliances, and more.

Our specially trained technicians can recover data from all makes and models of hard drives. Please see our list for more information.

24 Hour Data believes in continuously training our technicians in order to stay ahead of the constantly changing environment of computer technology. We attend seminars and training sessions throughout the year to stay up-to-date with our knowledge and recovery tools. We can recover data out of all OS from Windows 7, XP, 95, and all Legacy Windows Operating Systems. We also recover from Mac (HFS), All Linux OS, and more.

Starting a Data Recovery

  1. Click the “Start a Data Recovery” link on our home page, at the top of this page or just CLICK HERE. Then fill out the “Start a Data Recovery” form.
  2. Ship or bring your hard drive or storage device to the 24 Hour Data address located on the Data Recovery Form.
  3. 24 Hour Data will contact you within 24 hours of the arrival of the hard drive or other storage media to give you a FREE ESTIMATE.

24 Hour Data’s recovery process has 2 steps. When we receive the storage media we begin the first step, the diagnostic process. After diagnosis, we will contact the client and give our free estimate of the cost and time of recovery. Only after the client agrees do we begin the second step the recovery process.

24 Hour Data’s qualified technicians use a variety of diagnostic tools to identify the problem with your hard drive or other storage device. This is done within 24 hours of the arrival of the device at our office.

24 Hour Data’s Recovery Pricing

24 Hour data has a price structure depending on the type of recovery process required and the speed requested by the client.


Logical Hard Drive Recovery $85 an hour
Logical Hard Drive Emergency Recovery $149 an hour **
Physical Hard Drive Recovery $149 an hour
Physical Hard Drive Emergency Recovery $250 an hour **
RAID Recovery $250 an hour
RAID Emergency Recovery Call for Pricing **
SSD Recovery $250 an hour
SSD Emergency Recovery Call for Pricing **
VMware & Virtual Recovery $149 an hour
VMware & Virtual Emergency Recovery Call for Pricing **
Flash Drive Recovery $85 an hour
Flash Drive Emergency Recovery $149 an hour **

Your Data Recovery

The answer to this question is specific to each case. A typical logical recovery could require from 6-10 hours, but it could be up to 14 hours or more in very difficult cases. Physical recoveries require both a physical and a logical recovery and typically require 6 to 12 hours and possibly more.

Data recoveries of less than 8 GB will be returned on DVDs. 24 Hour Data provides Return Media for recovered data of 250GB or less.  For any recovery of more than 250 GB it is suggested that the client purchase and provide to 24 Hour Data, a destination hard drive for their recovered data.

24 Hour Data is located within a data center in Plano, Texas. The Data Center has a level X security system including fingerprint identification in order to enter. 24 Hour Data has the highest level of security for its clients’ data in the industry.

24 Hour Data respects the complete confidentiality of every data recovery that we perform. Confidentiality is guaranteed from the moment the storage media arrives at our office.


From Fortune 500 financial data to family photos, we recover it all.

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