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24 Hour Data is a professional data recovery company, solving data disasters for over a decade. Although we have always served businesses and residents of Minnesota, in 2015 we opened a service center in the heart of central Minneapolis to meet demand.

Whether you are a corporate IT manager, a small business owner, a wedding photographer or just the owner of a broken hard drive in the Twin Cities, lost data affects everyone.

Drop off your damaged computer hard drive, flash drive, SSD, camera memory card, smart phone or external disk at the address below and get a free quote within 24 hours. We accept all recoveries, regardless of the device, operating system (Linux, iOS, Microsoft), condition (physical, logical, clicking, wet, fire damaged) and offer affordable pricing to satisfy anyone experiencing a data emergency.

Minneapolis Branch
24 Hour Data
733 Marquette Ave South, STE 125
Minneapolis, MN 55402

(612) 216-4660


Free Quote in 24 Hours

24 Hour Data answers the phone and responds to online quotes 24 hours a day. We recommend calling us first or submitting a free quote online. You'll speak to an expericienced technician, someone that can accurately respond to your data loss and provide an accurate cost and time estimate.

From here you can either accept the quote or look elsewhere. If you accept, we can pay for shipping of your drive to our location in Minneapolis, or you can stop by our office, hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Experience communication throughout the recovery process and when your drive/device is recovered, we'll ship all the data back to your home or office address for ultimate convenience. Learn more about our recovery process.

The 24 Hour Data Difference

Data retrieval companies do look similar, but not all are the same. We receive hundreds of hard drives and devices where previous attempts to recover data have been made. First, realize the risks of free recovery software, which isn't suitable for most scenarios and can actually cause further damage.

Second, realize the shortfalls of using a general computer repair shop. It may be convenient and a few miles from your residence, but most computer service businesses don't have an onsite clean room, required for recovery of any hard disk - preventing microscopic dust particles from further damaging a drive.

For most recovery scenarios, there's 24 Hour Data, in addition to a handful of professional recovery companies serving Minneapolis.

What We Have in Common

1. Most professional recovery companies are located in a SAS 70 Type II Data Center for maxium security. This is critical for corporate databases and any sensitive data that needs recovered.

2. Most have a Class 100 Clean Room, which offers an additional layer of protection, and prevents further damage to a drive during the recovery process.

3. Most offer a free diagnostic quote, avoid any company that charges for analysis of your hard drive issues.

4. Most employ recovery technicians with decades of experience. However, some recovery companies are solo operations, without a proper clean room or experience handling complex data disasters 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5. Many companies have a No Data, No Fee policy. This policy prevents a provider from charging for recoveries where data was too corrupted or physically damaged.

How 24 Hour Data Stands Out

1. There are shady so called "data recovery businesses" that hold drives hostage until customers pay exorbant pricing. 24 Hour Data has an A+ rating with the BBB and five star reviews at our Clean Room headquarters. Don't settle for anyone without a positive online reputation.

2. 24 Hour Data shares pricing online and is 100% transparent throughout the recovery process. Once you receive a free quote estimate, we don't upcharge or raise the final price.

3. 24 Hour Data provides the fastest recoveries in the industry. Free quotes are delivered within 24 hours and most recoveries are completed within 24 - 48 hours.

4. When you call, chat or submit a quote online, you speak directly to a recovery technician. We don't have an automated call center or sales rep that answers customer questions.

5. Several companies have an approval process and deny customers commonly on flash drive or camera card recoveries. At 24 Hour Data, we don't discriminate and accept all lost data situations no matter how complex or small.

3 Recent Data Recoveries

1. In September 2015, we worked with an executive at a global banking company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. His laptop hard drive failed and sensitive company financials for his department were lost. Although the company had a backup service, the data was stored on his personal laptop and required a fast turnaround time. 24 Hour Data was able to recovery 100% of the data

2. In October 2015, we received a request from a desperate homeowner who experienced a catostrophic loss on their property due to a house fire. As a result of the fire, they had lost 3 computer hard drives, 2 media cards and 1 external hard drive containing family memories, personal and work information.

We contacted the homeowner's insurance agency and found they had adequate coverage. They were estactic to learn their data recovery would be paid for by their policy, and we were able to recover 75% of their data.

3. In the beginning of November 2015, we finished recovery on an older SSD hard disc drive that experienced a mechanical error. Solid State Drives aren't fail-proof, and like any hardware can experience a loss of data. The owner was a local Minneapolis wedding photographer, and the drive contained her entire portfolio of clients, including several active projects.

We knew how critical the data was to her business, and were able to recover 100% of the the data within 48 hours of shipping the drive to our clean room headquarters.

What will your recovery story look like? Give us a call and find out!


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