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24 Hour Data offers the highest data recovery commission.

Do your customers often come to you for data recovery services? Would you like to be able to offer your customers reliable services for high-end jobs such as solid state drives and RAID arrays? By partnering with 24 Hour Data, you can provide this crucial service to your customers and establish an additional passive revenue stream for your company. Still unsure? Check out a recent article we wrote on 5 reasons to partner with a data recovery company.

But who do you choose as your business partner? 

24 Hour Data is the company you can trust when it comes to working with devices that have inaccessible files, from photos and SSL media to solid state drives and RAID arrays.

You can count on our success rate, which is unmatched in the industry. You can trust that all data we recover is secure in our facility. And you can always rely on our honest pricing and fast turn-around times for all services rendered.

You want the best for your company and for your customers. Choose 24 Hour Data as your business partner, and you'll enjoy the highest commissions in the industry, plus the peace of mind that comes from working with a company you can trust.

Our preferred partner program is perfect for IT professionals, computer repair companies, large corporations, schools, data centers and independent consultants. Join our team of partners today and enjoy the following benefits. 

Partner Benefits:

  • No sign up fees
  • Partners are paid 20% commission on every recovery including the first
  • Unmatched customer service & satisfaction
  • Commissions are given on every successful referral
  • Free marketing materials
  • Free quotes for all jobs
  • No data, no charge policy
  • No hidden lab, or diagnostic fees

24 Hour Data Advantages:

Our Name — “24 Hour Data” we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Free Quote — 24 Hour Data gives our clients a Free Diagnostic
No Data, No Charge — 24 Hour Data only charges our quoted rate if we successfully recover your data.
Success Rate — 24 Hour Data has the top minds in the industry working on your data. 24 Hour Data offers the highest success rates so it's important that you don't trust your valuable data to anyone else.
Security — Biometric entry, multiple security certifications, Camera Video Surveillance surrounding the facility, self defending firewalls are just a few of the security measures we employ to keep client data safe.
Credibility— Business partnerships require a company you can trust. The BBB lets you know which companies are trustworthy and which companies you should avoid. Here is our record with the BBB.
Fast Service —  Turnaround time in this industry is essential. 24 Hour Data prides ourselves on 24-48 hour turnaround time for most recoveries logical and physical. Other companies will charge you emergency service fees for what we do with our standard service.  In fact, the average turnaround time for the field is 1 to 2 weeks.
Price — 24 Hour Data offers honest quotes at affordable prices. 
Confidentiality — Data is always Private and Protected at 24 Hour Data. Security sets us apart. Fortune 500 and Government Agencies trust 24 Hour Data to Recover and Protect their mission critical data.
Class 100 Clean Room — Physical data recoveries like head changes and platter swaps should always be done in a Class 100 clean room. 24 Hour Data performs all recoveries requiring hard drive to be opened in our Class 100 clean rooms.

Potential Partners:

  • IT Professionals (CIO, IT Departments, Tech Companies)
  • Data Recovery Companies
  • Forensic Companies
  • Computer Repair Companies
  • Schools (Universities, School Districts, Tech Schools)
  • Business (Medium to Large Corporations)
  • Data Centers
  • VAR 
  • Consultants

Join Our Partner Program Today

Complete our Preferred Partner Program Application.  A preferred partner program specialist will assign you a Partner Number and send to you via email.  Reference this Number on the Online Form when sending in a hard drive for service.

For more information, call 24 Hour Data at 866.598.3282.    

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