Data Recovery for Universities, Colleges & Schools

24 Hour Data is trusted by non-profit and for-profit educational institutions including:

  • Public and private universities
  • Trade and technical schools
  • Community colleges
  • Independent school districts
  • Private and charter schools

Accidents happen in any type of educational organization. When faced with a loss of critical data, who will you turn to for support?

We Partner with IT

Whether your institution has an “IT Guy” or an entire department that provides support to students and faculty, most departments aren’t equipped for data recovery. Opening a hard disc drive, solid state drive or other storage media requires a clean room environment to prevent dust and further damage.

An IT department is better equipped to handle help desk support, software updates and internet connectivity. When smartphones, laptops and desktops crash, rely on 24 Hour Data to quickly and effectively recover data.

Our engineering team has a decade of experience recovering data from all types of devices full time. 24 Hour Data’s clean room is in Dallas, TX, although we offer free shipping and drop off locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

We Partner with Administration & Bookstores

24 Hour Data is listed as a verified vendor with purchasing departments, referred by IT departments and is even listed as an employee and student benefit. We can also be accessible to students, referred by university bookstores or listed on an IT support page. For students, faculty and staff, we offer a 20% discount on any data recovery.

24 Hour Data is proud to partner with the following institutions:

Data Recovery for all Education Scenarios

Higher Education

Higher education has always been “high tech”. Students carry tablets, smartphones and laptops into the classroom and professors rely on computers and flash drives to teach, grade and conduct research.

24 Hour Data has helped recover lost data from coffee-soaked laptops from students cramming for a final to flash drives that break on their way to the printing lab to hard drives that were dropped by professors containing an entire curriculum. Whether it was physical damage (old drives that die due to age, shock damage, water & heat) or logical (virus, deleted files or software corruption) 24 Hour Data can help.

Primary & Secondary School

The “dog ate my homework” is no longer a valid excuse in our school systems. Classrooms are now outfitted with smartboards and students routinely use tablets and Chromebooks to engage in the classroom and get work done. Don’t let “my hard drive crashed and I lost my homework” be a valid excuse either.

Become an Education Partner

24 Hour Data can be discreet. We love working with IT departments that want to take credit for retrieving lost data. We also enjoy being known as an option for students and staff that experience failure.

Partner with 24 Hour Data and receive expedited data recovery, onsite troubleshooting, and a 20% discount on our data recovery services. 

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