Data Recovery Pricing

Learn about our fair and honest pricing and our “no data, no charge” guarantee.

Data Recovery Pricing

Of course you want to know how much your data recovery will cost before you commit.

Pricing is determined by several factors.

But it’s important to know that no company can give you an accurate quote or diagnostic of what is wrong with your drive without seeing the drive first. If you call a data recovery company and they give you a quote and diagnosis without seeing the drive - run!

24 Hour Data will always need your hard drive, SSD, or other storage media in our hands before we quote a price. But once we deliver that quote, we stick to it. We never charge you more than we quoted. You can trust our pricing will be fair and honest every time.

Free Estimate

At 24 Hour Data, we guarantee our clients a free estimate within 24 hours of receiving a storage device.

Our lab specialists use many advanced diagnostic tools to find the best way to repair the storage media and completely recover all the data stored on the device. We do not outsource our services.

Upon diagnosis, you will receive is a detailed explanation of the cost and length of time necessary for data retrieval. We understand not everyone wants to pay to recover their data. You have that choice, and we won’t pressure you to make a decision.

If you do not want us to proceed with your data recovery, we part ways, and that’s it.

But if you do choose 24 Hour Data to recover your lost data, you will enjoy the security and peace-of-mind of our “no data, no charge” guarantee.

No Data. No Charge.

We have always maintained a “no data, no charge” policy at 24 Hour Data.

If our recovery process fails to produce usable data for our clients, the storage media is returned free of cost. Even though we maintain an above-industry-standard success rate, data recovery can never be 100% promised.

Our technicians are specially trained in all types of data recovery and our laboratories have state-of-the art equipment, ensuring the best possible environment for a complete and successful data recovery.

Pricing comes down to drive size, media type (Hard Drive, RAID, SSD), and the issue with the drive. We will give you a free quote and will recover your data or there is no fee.

Pricing Estimates

Logical Hard Drive Recovery
$500 to $1500 in most cases
Logical Hard Drive Emergency Recovery
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Physical Hard Drive Recovery
$850 to $2500 in most cases
Physical Hard Drive Emergency Recovery
Varies on Drive Capacity & Issue
RAID Recovery
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RAID Emergency Recovery
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SSD Recovery
$1000 to $3500 in most cases
SSD Emergency Recovery
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VMware & Virtual Recovery
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VMware & Virtual Emergency Recovery
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Flash Drive Recovery
$500 to $1250 plus parts
Flash Drive Emergency Recovery
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Once 24 Hour Data quotes you a price for recovery we stick to the quoted rate, even if the data recovery takes three or four times the labor we quoted. 24 Hour Data will only bill you what we quoted - every time and no matter what.

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