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Are you a Fort Worth resident who’s experiencing the frustration, regret and escalating blood pressure of a major computer crash? Crucial data suddenly disappeared? Keep your data recovery local. Many companies outsource to other states, but we’ll keep your devices safe right here in Texas. Contact 24 Hour Data and we’ll coax the data from your hard drive at our lab in Southlake, TX.

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How to Handle a Data Disaster

The average person’s inclination is to turn the device off, then back on. When that fails, they do it again. Next they might try shaking or poking the device in a misguided attempt to fix it themselves. Instead, turn your device off and leave it off. This maintains the physical condition of your media. Then call us. We’ll explain how to safely transport your device from Fort Worth to our high-security data center in Plano.

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Don’t Believe in Recovery Myths

Few things in modern life are more upsetting than a sudden failure and loss of data. Not surprisingly, it’s hard to remain calm and rational when faced with a disappearing database. Too often, people fall back on data recovery myths lodged somewhere in their minds. Let’s look at a few of these.

Myth #1: Surely my computer’s manufacturer is best suited to deal with any computer emergency.

Reality: The manufacturer is best suited to manufacture computers. In fact, they’re ready to sell you a brand new one to replace the crashed computer. That’s how computer manufacturers stay in business – by selling computers, not repairing damage. Instead, call us for a free quote. Since 2006, our engineers have the right knowledge, skills and equipment to salvage your missing data.

Myth #2: Our IT department can probably fix it.

Reality: The IT department – or, in a small business, the IT guy – is highly unlikely to have the specialized skills a successful data recovery requires. Occasionally, the IT guy gets lucky using commercially available recovery tools. But he may inflict further damage to the device while trying to fix it. Temporarily hiring our data recovery specialists will be more efficient and effective. Plus, 24 Hour Data has the cleanroom environment that’s necessary to safely repair many storage devices and operating systems.

Myth #3: All data recovery companies are about the same, so we might as well choose the cheapest.

Reality: Some companies offer low-cost deals on data recovery. But when you think about the costs involved – paying highly-skilled data recovery engineers, maintaining a quality cleanroom, security system and insurance, to name just a few – you’ll quickly realize that the initial figure doesn’t tell the whole story. If you hire one of these cheap outfits, you’ll soon find the hidden costs piling up. At 24 Hour Data, one of our trained technicians assesses your damaged drive within 24 hours of receipt. Then we call you with an estimate. The repair cost depends on the amount of data you want recovered, how difficult it is to retrieve that data, the condition it’s in and the availability of spare parts. We’ll only accept the job if we’re sure we can successfully recover your data.

3 Recent Data Recovery Stories

At 24 Hour Data, we love happy endings, especially when they involve data. Let’s look at three recent customer success stories.

1. We received a call in late June from a frantic florist in Fort Worth. Her laptop hard drive crashed right during peak wedding season. Not only did she not know who had ordered gladioli and who wanted roses, she lost all records from clients that paid and clients which still owed her money. We quickly diagnosed her disc drive and had her data recovered by Thursday. She managed to get the flowers together for three weddings that weekend and never had to admit the error to a single customer. We also advised her on backup best practices so it won’t happen again.

2. A water main broke in a Fort Worth medical office, flooding the servers and wiping out thousands of medical records. Despite having an onsite IT technician, he gave us a call knowing it was too much to handle. Our data center is a Secure Type II facility, and was capable of recoving the sensitive data. Within 48 hours, our engineers had estored the medical office’s patient records.

3. A small Fort Worth trucking company contacted us about their trouble with an abstracted RAID system recovery. The company had virtual disks stored on three separate drives. But a combination of power surges and outages during a severe weather event fried their system. They came to us and we painstakingly recovered their lost data. This is a complicated type of recovery. But thanks to the skill of our technicians, our recovery rate on complicated RAID arrays is above the industry standard. We work on all RAID controller types and manufacturers.

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