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In today’s world, we rely on technology to keep us connected, informed and entertained. Our businesses and our personal lives run on bytes of data stored on a variety of media formats, from hard disk drives to solid state drives, flash memory cards, and other forms of data storage. But when one of these devices fails, it spells disaster. It’s not always easy to know where to turn when you need emergency data recovery service. For more than 15 years, 24 Hour Data has provided the fastest, most reliable data recovery service in the industry. As technology has changed, our data recovery engineers have not just kept pace, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve.

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The 24 Hour Data Difference

Several factors set us apart, including our technology expertise, our supply chain partners that allow us to quickly and easily get parts to repair and recover any drive, our policy of complete transparency and, most of all, our industry-high data recovery success rates. When it comes down to it, if you’re facing a data recovery emergency, you need a firm that will recover your data quickly and completely.

Hard disk drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays and flash memory devices can fail for a variety of reasons. A study in 2014, found 10% of hard drives experienced mechanical failure with large differences between brands. Although drives can experience shock damage, natural disasters such as fires or floods, file corruption caused by viruses or malware and theft; the end of a drive's lifespan can also lead to data loss.

Whatever the cause of hard drive failure, 24 Hour Data uses highly effective, proprietary techniques to extract the data you need, often in less than 48 hours.

Failure of Drives

Swift Recovery for all types of data storage

24 Hour Data provides swift recovery operations for all types of data storage media including:

Our Data Recovery Process

We start with either an in person consultation in our Dallas, TX headquarters, branch location or with the completion of an online form. You’ll provide us with the details of your device failure, including a list of your most important files and folders and exactly what happened when your storage media failed.

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We’ll be in touch promptly with directions on how to ship or drop off your drive safely. Then we’ll contact you via email with a fair price quote. At this point, you make the decision of whether or not to go ahead with the data recovery. Many of our customers are surprised when they realize how affordable our prices are, especially when you consider alternate options.

It’s important to think about the value of your missing data. Are these irreplaceable family photos? Mission critical accounting files for your business? Do you have backups and, if you do, how recent are they? All of these factors go into making the decision to choose professional data recovery, rather than taking your chances with do-it-yourself recovery.

It’s important to note, if your drive requires physical repair, we have the tools and clean room environment required for effective repair with less risk of permanently losing data.

Still have questions on our process? Review this page for more in depth covereage.

Data Recovery for Today… and For Tomorrow

Gig and Terabyte

As data storage methods become more advanced, employing hybrid technology and encryption to protect sensitive data, the field of data recovery has evolved to become extremely complex. Drive capacity has gotten larger, storing more data on smaller devices.

During the summer of 2015, even a new category of media storage was invented, promising more storage at a faster speed. All this development means that when a drive fails, there’s a lot at stake, a lot of important data that could be lost forever.

Only a handful of data recovery firms maintain the tools and expertise to successfully recover lost data from encrypted drives, complex RAID arrays and controllers, virtual machines, solid state drives, flash memory and more. At 24 Hour Data, each of our engineers has a decade of experience on all storage formats including conventional hard disk drives, which remain a leading choice for affordable data storage.

Begin your data recovery right away by visiting your local 24 Hour Data branch, giving us a call or submitting a free quote request online.